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Welcome to PIECE OUT, your online destination for sexy, cheeky, adorable, and hilarious jigsaw puzzles. Sorry, kiddos—these ones are for adults only.


It all started with a dick pic...

...well, kind of. The idea for Piece Out was born after I couldn’t find any online results for “nudey man puzzle.” After that fruitless search, I began designing my own jigsaws, slid into the DMs of a puzzle manufacturer, and started making my own for shits and giggles. When my designs reached viral status among my coworkers and friends, I quit my day job to pursue puzzles full time.

Since then I’ve been creating jigsaw puzzles with images you’d double tap, materials you don’t want to toss, and a sprinkling of smartass to keep it interesting. My goal is to make puzzles you actually want to pull out at a party, gift to your sarcastic bestie, or share in your Instastory. And when you have one of those days when you can’t even, I find it’s best to cuddle up to a Piece Out puzzle and cancel your plans to that thing you didn’t really want to go to anyway.


Keep calm and puzzle on,

-Cotille Davis, Founder ✌️


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