The Perfect Pairing: Puzzles & Wine

The Perfect Pairing: Puzzles & Wine
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We don’t have you tell you that we’re living in weird, unprecedented times. And although we can’t control what’s going on around us, we can control what we do with our time. So put your phone down, stop scrolling, turn off the news and shelter in your HAPPY place. Teleport yourself into the meditative world of  laser-beam kittens, shirtless men and round puppies while sipping otherworldly, divine wines from our friends at Sans Wine Co. We think it’s time you *pieced the eff out* and found some sense of Zen … or Zin. 

Don’t know where to start? Here’s your guide to drinking while puzzling. 

How to Pairing Puzzles With Wine (or Vice Versa) 

No Probllama

  • Sweet, Fuzzy, Light-Hearted. Goes well with bohemian throws, macrame wall hangings, palo santo and cozy fires. 

Sips Well With: Sauvignon Blanc

  • Ripe melon, tropical fruit and lemons bounce off your taste buds and pair perfectly with our friendly llama crew. 


    Cuddle Puddle 

    • Who doesn’t like fluffy kittens and sexy dudes? This is the OG, crowd-pleasing party puzzle, so it goes perfectly with our favorite party wine—rosé with bubbles. 

    Sips Well With: Sparkling Rosé

    • Aromas of Cara Cara orange, raspberries and sweet cream. This lightly carbonated rosé is dazzlingly delicious and appropriate for any time of day. Yes, even before noon. 


    Bouquets For Days 

    • Badass, moody florals are the perfect accompaniment for a rainy day or for any day for that matter. Don’t be deceived by this more feminine approach to puzzling—this one’s hard AF. 

    Sips Well With: Zinfandel 

    • Snuggle up to this sultry Zin. Expect notes of ripe blackberry, mushroom, warm spices and dried flowers with flavors of wild berries, figs and smoke.

    Hot Dog

    • A super buff, shirtless man and itty bitty English bulldog puppies is the perfect distraction from emails, social media, binge watching shows and your annoying roommate(s). 

    Sips Well With: Rosé

    • Decompress from your day with one of the most drinkable wines in the world. Aromas and flavors of ripe berries, honeydew and sweet citrus are immediate mood boosters. That’s not an opinion—it’s fact!

    Are you ready to piece out? Get in your Happy Place with our limited time offer. $120 for 2 puzzles and a 6-pack of Sans Wine Co. 

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