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10 Genius Things To Do With A Finished Jigsaw Puzzle

Doing a jigsaw puzzle is a great way to de-stress and spend some time away from the glowing screens in your life, but what do you do once the last piece is in place? It feels so good gazing upon this challenging thing that you solved, but when that feeling of accomplishment starts to fade, here are our ideas on what to do with that finished puzzle.

Keep reading for 10 awesome (and wacky) ideas things to do with your finished jigsaw puzzle:

1. Take A Picture, It’ll Last Longer

First thing’s first. That puzzle isn’t gonna ‘gram itself! Be sure to take a tasteful pic of your finished product so you’ll never forget the enriching experience. And for god’s sake, make sure there’s some natural light in the room. Sheesh.

2. Glue It, Frame It, Hang It

From basic glue or Mod Podge to Duct tape, you can use a lot of household items to stick your puzzle together. Then, you can mount it on some board, frame it and hang it in your house. Do enough puzzles and you’re bound to have a some lovely décor and a little something called ambiance in your house.

3. Become A Good, Old-Fashioned Hoarder

Who says you need to get rid of it? Why throw out a perfectly good puzzle? Simply disassemble it and slip it into the stacks upon stacks of other puzzles you already have (or will have). After a few years you’ll have all your jigsaws on hand so you can put them together later. Future You forgot about this puzzle and is excited to put it together again.

4. Gift It To Your Bestie

You hang out with your friends because you guys share a bunch of interests, after all. Why not give the gift of offline time to your pals on their next birthday or holiday? You can even give it as a “just because” gift—you’ll score major points with your buds that way. How thoughtful you are!

5. Post Pictures Of It On Your Dating Profile

Think about it: People who do puzzles are generally intelligent, right? And other people looking for love like a partner who isn’t dumb as rocks, right? You can show off your smarts to your would-be hookups by billing yourself as “someone who does puzzles” and posting the proof. Swipe Rights, here you come!

6. Host A Puzzy Party

Break up sections of the puzzle and store the pieces separately in bags. Then, have some friends over, break out into groups, and see how fast each group can complete a section. It’s a fun party game and a way for you guys to stop looking at your phones for like five minutes, geez.

7. Take It To A Bachelor(ette) Party Weekend

Cuddle Puddle and Hot Dog are great puzzles for your bachelorette weekend. There’s going to be some time when you’re hungover from the Jello shots, tuckered out from the dancing and the strippers and just want to sit around and chill for a minute. That’s the perfect time to bust out a puzzle! Plus, it’ll sharpen up your brains and get you ready for your next night of shenanigans.

8. Do A Pushup On It

You heard us. This is basically what is sounds like. See if you can do a perfect push up on the puzzle without completely destroying it. Why? Because we DARE YOU.

9. Use It To Make Art

If some dude on Etsy can turn puzzle pieces into a decorative bowl, so can you! What does that Etsy guy have that you don’t have?! Additionally, we love this artist who takes puzzles that have the same die cut, combines them and and turns them into stunning puzzle mashups. Give it a try and tag it #puzzlemashup on Insta to show us your stuff?

10. Do It Again, But Faster

OK so this puzzle took you, what, like 4 hours to complete? Time yourself and see if you can put it together more quickly next time. Really study the finished product to see where all the pieces go, then disassemble and toss everything around. Start again and see if you can improve your sorting methods, stay engaged, and put it back together again super fast. You got this.

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What about creating a playroom floor with finished puzzles and polyurethane for a hard gloss top?

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