4 Ways To Make Friends In A New (or Old) City

Moving to a new town is an exciting life change, until you get there and realize you have no friends to hang with and check out your cool new pad. Here are 4 ways to make friends in a new (or old) city.



Puppies are people magnets. Few people alive can walk past a bouncy young pup without smiling, asking questions, begging to pet it, or *jokingly* threatening to steal it–which, btw, is RUDE, get your own. But of course puppies come with all sorts of responsibilities. Having a pet is no joke. Dogs are basically forever toddlers. If early morning, mid-day, AND evening walks in the sun, rain, sleet and snow aren’t your thing–might I suggest moving on to our next suggestion.  



Surprised? Don’t be. Jigsaw puzzles draw people in like an open bar. Of course, your choice of puzzle is an important factor here. If you’re looking to make friends with personality choose a puzzle with pizzazz, like Cuddle Puddle, by Piece Out. This sexy jigsaw puzzle has a hunk in underpants surrounded by adorable AF kittens.* Set up your cheeky jigsaw puzzle on a table at your local coffee shop and be amazed at the number of people who stop to comment, "I love puzzles", "I think I found one for you" or “Can I help?”. Say Yes! This is how friendship begins. 
Even with hordes of helpers it’s unlikely you’ll complete your puzzle before the staff starts giving you side eye for hanging out too long. Don’t fret! Completing the puzzle in a single sitting isn’t the point. You’re here to make friends. Carefully organize what you’ve done back into the box and bring it back the next day to work on it some more. You’ll get noticed again and this time you’ll be the familiar face. 
*Kittens would have made this list if walking a kitten was actually a thing. Herding cats is real. Back to our story. 



Did I lose you? This one’s harsh I know, but hear me out. Do you remember (or have you heard about) life before iphones? If you’re not old enough to have experienced the olden days, I can vouch, it was a vastly different time. People talked...IRL...all the time. There was literally no other way to get shit done. Which brings me to my point. A digital detox yanks you out of your cozy zone and forces you to behave differently. A simple stroll suddenly becomes an action packed adventure filled with new faces, puppies, jigsaw puzzles, and cool shops you would have walked passed without ever noticing. 

*Digital Detox Pro tip - Bring a small notebook with you everywhere you go. Our brains naturally switch into creative mode when we zone out, which means you’re suddenly going to be overcome with thoughts you’ll really want to google right that second. Pull out your tiny notebook and jot down those genius ideas. Look them up when your detox is done. 



Grabbing dinner or a drink by yourself at a lively restaurant’s bar or counter is a sure fire way to get into a conversation with someone new. If the crowd isn’t your cup of tea, no worries, you can always chat up the bartender and get their pro tips on what to do in your new town. Just don’t be a creep about it, remember you’re here to make friends. 


There you have it. 4 ways to make new friends in a new city. 

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